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Hi there! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm an incoming sophomore computer sciece student at the University of Cincinnati

I freaking love college (I don’t only mean the parties, I promise I’m an innocent child)

Coding is my sustenance

I have a YouTube addiction

I say I’m good at baking, but I’m really just good at following the instructions

Corgis are the cutest doggies, but seriously I just want any dog

I’m an introvert

I'm 70% good at playing golf and soccer

I suffer from Imposter Syndrome

I play piano, cello, and sing, but I plan on learning many more instruments in the future

Speaking of instruments, check out my music page as I’m just as passionate in music as I am in coding. Also, give my blog a peek to see what I have to say about…things. I am far from a good writer, and quite a nervous one, so just make sure to take everything with a grain of salt.

Wanna Talk?

What do you want to talk about? Code? Music? Corgis? Just want to say hi? Send me an email!